How much can a Mega Hippo mix?

Readtime 3 : Miles Suckling : Nov 16, 2022

3 bags? 5 bags? Even 6 bags? It all depends…..!!??

How much you can successfully mix will depend primarily on what material you want to mix.


Let’s start with the Portamix “Rule of Thumb.”


The Portamix Mega Hippo is designed to mix material you cannot hold in the flat of your hand. In other words, if you take a handful of material and hold your hand out flat, and the material easily flows off your hand, then the Hippo can mix it. However, if it does not flow off your hand, you should not mix it in a Mega Hippo.

The Mega Hippo mixing canister can hold up to around 22G (US)/84L of material when brimming full. However, you must allow for the flow and movement of the material in the canister to avoid the material overflowing when you are mixing.

A typical maximum mix quantity is around 181/2 –20gal/70-75L.

But depending on the material you are mixing, you may not be able to mix the total capacity of the canister.

When mixing dry-bagged material, it is common to be able to mix five bags at a time. But some materials can be mixed in six bags at a time, and others you may only be able to mix four or even less.


Some reasons for this include the following:

1. The bagged material may physically contain more material, up to 66lb/30kg weight, while others may have only 44lb/20kg.

2. Different materials have different mix yields. This means the mix volume of each type of material varies a lot. For example, some 20kg/44lb bags’ mix volume will be as low as 11.5l/3 gal, while others may be as much as 16l/4.25 gal. This obviously will make a difference in how many bags you can mix at a time.

3. The fluidity or viscosity of the material also affects how much you can mix. Very thin liquids will tend to flow higher up the sides of the mixing canister when mixing. This means that if too much material is in the canister, the material will overflow the sides of the canister while mixing. Conversely, if the material is too heavy such as materials with low liquid-to-aggregate ratios, the material may be too heavy for the mixer to mix a full load.

Professional Tips:

  • Check that the quantity of material you want to mix will not overflow or overload the mixer..
  • Select the correct mixing paddle for the volume you will mix (small paddle for half-batch, large paddle for full-batch)
  • Follow the correct mixing procedure and material manufacturer instructions.