3 Types of Floor Compounds You Can Mix with the Portamix Hippo

Top U.S. Floor Coatings You Can Mix with Portamix Hippo

When you need a powerful, versatile, portable mixer for even the toughest floor coatings, the Portamix Mega Hippo is here. Portamix created the Hippo Mixer lineup because we understood that traditional cement mixers couldn't mix many floor coatings quickly enough or thoroughly enough to guarantee success. Traditional cement mixers do exactly what their namesake implies: they mix cement, and they do it well. 


3 Ways to Mix a Self-Levelling Flooring Compound

3 Ways to Mix Self-Leveling Floor Coatings in the U.S.

When you're working with self-leveling floor coatings, like epoxy or polyurethane, efficient and thorough mixing of the compound ensures the best results. To mix, you can choose between a flooring mixing station, a traditional cement mixer and a hand mixer. Each mixer has distinct advantages depending on your budget, time constraints and what kind of material you want to mix. 


All About Self-Levelling Floor Coatings

All About Self-Levelling Floor Coatings in the U.S.

Self-leveling floor coatings create durable, long-lasting floors for facilities that encounter a lot of foot traffic, potential impacts, drastic temperatures and hazardous chemicals. They are an excellent option for laying new floors with low-maintenance costs, protecting concrete and steel reinforcements, creating level surfaces in areas with high foot traffic, and avoiding scratches, scuffs and stains over time. 


Can Self-Levelling Concrete Coating be Used as a Finished Floor?

Self-leveling concrete is a strong, concrete-like flooring compound that's gained popularity in the U.S. in recent years. Unlike traditional cement, self-leveling concrete flows easily and levels itself over old flooring materials, broken concrete and other uneven surfaces. Due to these properties, self-leveling concrete is most often used as an under-layer before laying other flooring materials on top, such as vinyl or tile. 


Tips for Pouring Self-Leveling Underlayment

Self-leveling underlayment is a floor coating material used to correct damaged surfaces and make them level for the application of tile, vinyl, carpet, and other types of flooring. The cement-like mixture contains polymers that help it bond to the surface underneath, creating a new, hard, durable, and level floor.