3 Types of Floor Compounds You Can Mix with the Portamix Hippo

Readtime 4 : Gerry Suckling : Dec 18, 2022

Top U.S. Floor Coatings You Can Mix with Portamix Hippo

When you need a powerful, versatile, portable mixer for even the toughest floor coatings, the Portamix Mega Hippo is here. Portamix created the Hippo Mixer lineup because we understood that traditional cement mixers couldn't mix many floor coatings quickly enough or thoroughly enough to guarantee success. Traditional cement mixers do exactly what their namesake implies: they mix cement, and they do it well. 

Multi-part floor coatings, however, like epoxy, MMA or polyurethane, require fast mixing times and a powerful motor that only a Hippo Mixer can deliver. In this article, Portamix explores these floor coatings, discusses their advantages and applications, and explains why the Portamix Mega Hippo is the best mixer for the job.


Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy is a durable, impact-resistant flooring solution commonly used to create industrial-grade floors. An epoxy floor coating is a two-part mixture of resin and a hardening agent that bond and cure to create a nearly unbreakable, hard plastic floor. Epoxy flooring is chemical-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for spaces with heavy foot traffic or machinery. You can install epoxy flooring over concrete, wood, VCT, tile and many other commercial flooring materials. It is imperative, however, that epoxy floor coating is thoroughly mixed to remove air bubbles and ensure a level floor surface. Traditional mixers simply won’t cut it.


MMA Floor Coatings

MMA, or methyl methacrylate, is an industrial and commercial flooring solution that performs well in low-temperature environments. The most compelling benefit of MMA over other urethane floor coatings is its fast installation time, as it is ready to use in as little as one hour after application. MMA floor coatings are chemical-resistant, slip-resistant, water-resistant, and they retain these characteristics in temperatures far below freezing. These properties make MMA floor coatings a popular choice for industries including food and beverage, manufacturing, restaurants, hospitality, and food processing. When you install MMA flooring, you must properly clean and prep the area to ensure it bonds to the substrate.


Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Polyurethane is a durable, economical flooring solution for commercial and industrial spaces. It is more flexible than epoxy flooring, so it fares well in spaces with rapidly changing temperatures. Polyurethane flooring is known for its longevity, resisting scratches, impacts and abrasions for years. The only drawback is that polyurethane floor coating is very thick and difficult to install, as it must be poured in thin layers to avoid clumping and non-uniformity. As a result, it will not cover imperfections in the flooring underneath it.


Why You Need a Portamix Mega Hippo Mixer

While every floor coating offers unique benefits to commercial and industrial spaces, you can only reap the benefits if you install the floor properly to begin with. That's why having professional equipment that's specially designed for floor coating materials is so important. We created the Portamix Hippo because it has a powerful motor for mixing thick compounds, and it's portable to help regulate how much compound you pour on each section of your floor. No matter which floor coating you choose, make sure you're prepared with a Mega Hippo Mixer.


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