3 Modern Flooring Trends in the USA

Readtime 4 : Gerry Suckling : Nov 22, 2022

Top 3 Creative and Modern Flooring Trends in the USA

We put so much effort into our walls and other home decor pieces, so why not focus on the part of your home that gets the most traffic? 

Whether you go bold or stay traditional, your flooring says a lot about your style and how you use your space. While shag carpet made a statement in the '70s and oak wood soared in popularity in the '90s, today's flooring trends are more practical and encourage you to show off your personal taste. When you want to optimize your design for functionality, or you need help mixing floor leveler, to step up your flooring game, you should keep reading Portamix's favorite flooring trends of 2022.


Polished Concrete and Overlay Flooring

Concrete flooring is a stylish and practical selection for any space, one that lets your imagination run wild. You can stain or paint concrete flooring to match your interior design aesthetic or leave it untouched for an industrial vibe. Furthermore, concrete flooring is easy to clean, super durable, and will stand up to foot traffic, drops, scrapes, scratches, and other wear and tear. You can place it in your home, basement, commercial spaces, and more. Concrete overlays will produce a beautiful, consistent result, especially if you use a Hippo Mixer by Portamix.


Epoxy Flooring

Like concrete, epoxy flooring is durable and available in many bright or muted colors, designs, and patterns. Epoxy floor coating is a mixture of resins, color packs, and hardeners that dry to create a stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, durable and beautiful floor. While epoxy flooring used to be primarily used in commercial spaces, workshops, and garages, in recent years, it's made its way into the modern home design too. The Portamix Mega Hippo mixes the components thoroughly, which prevents bubbles and job failures and ensures an even application.


Patterned Finishes

Patterned flooring is a fantastic way to create visual interest in your home and show off your style. For a more refined look, you can opt for something like chevron-engineered hardwood, which creates a more interesting pattern than traditional planks. If you want to be bold, you can try creating unique tile designs with a mix of different colors or patterns. You can also create patterns with stained concrete and epoxy flooring, leaving the door wide open for originality



Your Guide to Mixing Floor Leveler with Mega Hippo

Once you decide which flooring trend you want to try, it's time to move on to the application. Even if you want to lay tile or wood on top, you should look for a self-leveling coating or epoxy flooring compound to ensure your new floors are level. Self-leveling flooring compounds work best when you mix them with a high-powered mixer, which removes the air bubbles and ensures a total balance between the leveling chemicals and the hardeners. We recommend a Mega Hippo mixer, which is designed explicitly for consistent mixing and pouring.



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