10 Reasons you need to use a Portamix Mega Hippo.

Readtime 7 : Eddy Suckling : Jun 11, 2020

You know, it's often said that everything happens for a reason and there's a reason for everything. 

Well, whether we believe that statement or not, 

there are many reasons why you should use a Mega Hippo on your next self-levelling mixing job.

However, as you are busy trying to get the most out of your day, we will tell you 10 of the most important reasons.

Top 10 Reasons To Use The Portamix Mega Hippo;

  1. Enhanced productivity

  2. Reduced labour
  3. Superior mixing 
  4. Endorsed by industry leaders
  5. Advanced cleaning system
  6. Superior motor design
  7. Exceptional maneuverability 
  8. Splash control
  9. Dust control
  10. 100% Support


1 - Enhanced productivity

A perfect finish as fast as possible is the No.1 goal in laying self-levelling material. A Mega Hippo can enhance your hourly productivity by 40%.  

"I bought mine from Jon-Don, I believe about 4 or 5 years now, hands down the single best investment I've made to date. I can mix faster with three hippos and two (men) mixing than I can with my pumps, with very little material waste or cleanup. It even made it possible to mix and place with just one guy. If you do any kind of mixing, if it is a resin or cementitious, it will pay for itself a hundred times over in the first year."

Chris Nath
Concrete Restoration Technologies


2 - Reduced labour

Reducing labour improves your profitability. Mega Hippo's are proven to reduce the labour content by 30% to 50% 

One client told us that they were able to reduce their traditional three-person teams to a two-person team, reducing his labor cost by 33% and increase his hourly productivity by 40%!

"It makes a two-man job a one-man job. Very good and simple design".
Capital Flooring


3 - Superior mixing 

The design of Mega Hippo gives the ability to mix material much more thoroughly and achieve better results. 

"Bought my first Portamix Hippo just over two years ago, my pump now collects dust. I have a 4000 bag pour coming up in New Orleans where they require 1/2" of Ardex. My plan was to purchase two more Portamix Hippos and run eight for the duration of the mix.

I am an Ardex Level Master Elite and have been for around 12 years. My guys prefer the Portamix Hippos over anything we have tried."

Read the full endorsement here

Brian Berry
Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions

Portamix_Self_levelling_mixing_in _action

4 - Endorsed by industry leaders

Endorsed by the 111-year-old company, SIKA and other world-leading material manufacturers, the Mega Hippo is a trusted favourite.

"After completing laboratory and on-site field evaluations of the Portamix Mega Hippo mixer, Sika Corporation endorses this product to be used with the following Sika materials..."

Read the full endorsement here

Scott DiStefano
Sika Corporation
USAPortamix_Mega_Hippo_endorsed by industry leaders

5 - Advanced cleaning system

If a machine is straightforward to use but extremely time-consuming to clean, this defeats the purpose of using that machine in the first place. Results being the piece of equipment is left in the corner getting dusty. 

Cleaning a Mega Hippo is super easy and super fast when using the PH705 Rimless Removable Liner. Removing the liner, washing it out or flexing it to break off hardened product takes a matter of seconds thanks to the lightweight and flexible material. 

Another advantage of using this replaceable liner is the elimination of the risk of cross-contamination in product mixing. 


6 - Superior motor design

When driving a vehicle, there is something very satisfying about knowing you have more than enough power under the bonnet do out-perform any other road users and get to your destination on time.

Similar emotions are known by Mega Hippo owners when on the job. The high torque motor designed to work continuously under heavy load and get the project delivered on time, even when mixing terrazzo.

"We use the hippos to mix our terrazzo. We use CTS RapidSet Tru Self-Levelling and then add the aggregate. We only do two bag mixes and run the material in high gear with the Tru only to make sure the Tru is   mixed properly then put back into low gear and add the aggregate."

Matthew Ausburn
Australia  Portamix_Mega_Hippo_mixer_motor_designed_for_continuous_production

7 - Exceptional maneuverability 

Speed and ease of maneuverability are vital to winning any game, and the self-levelling compound game is no different. The exceptional maneuverability of the Mega Hippo on its heavy-duty castors allows it to pour and spread full 180kg's of material at the same time. 


8 - Splash control

Little splashes lead to a big mess over time. As each splash of compound dries and builds up, tools and machinery become more cumbersome and harder to use and clean. The Mega Hippo PH718 Lid for splash control saves you time and money by reducing clean up time and machinery damage. The extra-large opening allows fast, splash-free loading of material.  Other advantages of the Mega Hippo PH718 Lid is increasing safety by reducing the likelihood of hands and foreign objects getting into the canister. The PH723 Chute Lid is another option that allows dry material to be added without opening the lid. 


9 - Dust control

Are your lungs designed to work in a dusty environment? No! 

Complete dust control is essential when mixing self-levelling compounds to ensure your lungs stay clear and your health is protected. The integrated 50mm diameter dust port in both the main canister and the liner ensures efficient dust control and cleaner working environment. 


10 - 100% Support

Last but not least is peace of mind. Peace of mind in knowing that you have the best machine for mixing self-levellers and peace of mind in knowing there is a full part and service back-up available.

Maybe it is a motor part, a chassis piece or even trouble-shooting, the Portamix Support team is ready to assist either on the website Live Chat or through their dealers.

So there you have it - the top 10 reasons why you need to use a Portamix Mega Hippo on your next self-levelling mixing job. 


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